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Our New Church Officer Nominating Committee:

Gena Bunn, chair, and Matt Yost, chair-elect, Ellen Adams, Carla Szarfran, and Genie Bartlett

The Process: Session called a Congregational Meeting, during which 3 members were elected to the Church Office Nominating Committee. The Session had picked the Chair and the Chair-elect from the current elders. Now the congregation has the opportunity to participate in picking the next three elders and four deacons by placing well thought out and prayed for suggested members, whom we have already contacted to see if they are willing to serve. The CONC will meet often and prayerfully consider these names and then present a slate at another Congregational Meeting. The members will be able to approve the list. The pastors and the elders are always available for questions you may have about this process.

Brief Description of Elders and Deacons

Questions to Assess the Spiritual Qualifications of Church Members

Description of Roles of Elders, and Deacons

Our Leadership is made up of our Session and our Diaconate

The Session

Class of 2017: Eric Skoog, Hilda Vale, Derick Van Zyl

Class of 2018: Gena Bunn, Ginia Northcutt, Kathie Ramey

Class of 2019: Daniel Bond, Michael McMahon, Matt Yost

From the Book of Order 2014 Chapter 18: 18-1 The entire life of the local church is under the oversight and supervision of the Session. The Session is composed of the Pastor and Associate Pastor(s) and all the Ruling Elders on active service.

The Board of Deacons

Class of 2017: Glenda Bays (Congregational Care), Mary Goll (Prayer), Jon Kral (Youth), Tammy Moyes (Connections)

Class of 2018: Cindy Best (Children), Henry Salmon (Finance) Kathy Watson (Welcome), Paul Watson (Building and Grounds)

Class of 2019: Glenn Magness (Mission), Jill Smead (Music), Paul Szafran (Life Groups)

Fellowship Deacon to be determined later in the year. Rick Poland is kindly continuing to volunteer during the interim.

From the Book of Order 2014 Chapter 17: 17-1 Ordinarily, each congregation will have a Board of Deacons composed of all Deacons on active service. A congregation may vote to commit the responsibilities of the Board of Deacons to Session. 17-2 Ordinary Responsibilities A. To oversee the ministry of compassion of the congregation to the sick, friendless, bereaved, and those in any way distressed. B. To oversee those who serve as ushers, those receiving the offerings of the people, and those preparing the facilities for the use by the people. C. The Session may also assign to the Board such duties as stewardship development, property maintenance, disbursement of funds according to an approved budget, and other related matters.

There are various opportunities for you to connect and serve through Longview EPC. Please contact Tammy Moyes, our Connections Deacon for more information about how to volunteer.

In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty.  In all things, charity.