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Easter Worship at 10:00 amhttp://www.epclongview.org/uploads/Holy_Week_2018.jpg

Maundy Thursday 6:30 pm

Good Friday, 6:30 pm


Lent Sermon Series

In his book A New Kind of Happiness, Larry Crabb asks a very “Lent” kind of question:

“How can I make sense out of life as I experience it? Is there one story that brings everything that happens into line with one great purpose, a purpose I will find meaningful and be able to believe is good and worth all the trouble I cannot explain?” 

Our Lenten sermon series this year, “Follow Me” explores the meaning of discipleship (a.k.a. following Christ) in order to help us reflect on who we are as individuals as well as a church, and align ourselves with biblical teaching in order to see how Jesus’ is the one story that brings everything that happens into line with a purpose we can find meaningful, believe is good and worth all the trouble we can’t explain and so move forth with humble, stumbling, confident love.

February 14

Light Supper at 5:15 pm Worship Service at 6:00 pm (Childcare provided)

A disciple, in Scripture, is one who hears the call of Jesus Christ and lives in active response to him by repenting, believing the gospel and following Jesus. The Church is the community of disciples Jesus promised he would build. It's where Christ is publicly confessed and where we find spiritual support and nourishment as the home base for serving others in Jesus' name. The purpose of Ash Wednesday is for disciples to begin the season of Lent by stopping our normal routine and meditating on our mortality, sinfulness and need of Savior. 


"Total Faith Workout..." Sermon Series Ends February 11


To begin 2018, we will do a brief series in the book of James. Clearly we will not be able to cover all the details of such a rich epistle in five weeks, but we will be looking at the ways in which our faith—through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit—works itself out in real life. Often as we head into the New Year, we set goals or take on a new plan for bettering ourselves and often those plans fall flat within a few weeks. But the work that God does in our faith doesn’t fall flat, as his relentless grace continues to work in us to remake us.

The book of James is a letter written to believers longing to know how their faith works itself out in their lives. It is written by James, a brother of Jesus, who rejected his brother’s claim as the Messiah until Jesus’ resurrection.

As we begin the New Year, let’s explore together the ways in which our faith works out in life through the teaching of the book of James. Practically speaking, it’s the most important “workout” plan for us.

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Please join us for Sunday mornings at 9:30 am for our blended worship service; We celebrate the Lord’s Supper the first Sunday of each month.

Worship Hour Nursery provided for Infants and Toddlers    



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